Black Lives Matter

We have all been appalled at event that led to the death of George Floyd. This event has further demonstrated two things,

(1) the injustices, inequality and racist element that still exist in the world today,

and (2) the widespread support across the world by many races to support cause of Black Lives Matter.

Our Advice Lobby and Enterprise Community (ALEC) Network supports the African Caribbean community in developing new concepts to offer new ways to develop services that reflect on the culture of the African & Caribbean people.

We are inclusive and not exclusive, and welcome any one of any colour, creed, socio-economic standing, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc. to join us.

The ALEC Network exist to build harmony across the communities and give those from other backgrounds from African or Caribbean the opportunity to experience, learn and socialise with people from these two origins.

We stand united in the condemnation of the awful manner in which a life was taken by someone who should have protected that life and we do hope the Black Lives Matter movement is the catalyst for lasting change worldwide. For too long ethnic minorities have suffered and been oppressed. There is a lot of learning and development to be had across the nation and our community network will continually strive to build relations across our diverse community.


Please Get In Touch if you have any questions or want to know more about what we do together as a network of people.