The Advice, Lobby and Enterprise Community (ALEC) is a membership based pardner co-operative organisation.

To contribute to, and to benefit from the network, you will need to be a member. We offer 3 levels of membership : Individual, Organisation and Partner and the features of each are summarised below.

To join us as a member, decide which level of membership you are interested in and follow the specific link below. Please read our Terms and Conditions below as they need to be agreed to when signing up.

Join us today for the opportunity to help others and to get help yourself within our growing network of people working together for a better, fairer and more just society

  • Individual
  • Available to individuals who are looking for work, want to help others in their community, or need help and support from others
  • £25 per year
  • Pay by Paypal or Standing Order
  • Sign-Up as an Individual
  • Organisation
  • Available to organisations or groups who are looking for people to work with them or can help and support others
  • Listed in Online Directory
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • £50 per year
  • Pay by Paypal or Standing Order
  • Sign-Up as an Organisation
  • Partner
  • Available to organisations who would like to partner with us providing support and resources to the network
  • Featured in Directory
  • Listed in Partner Directory
  • £600 per year
  • Pay by Standing Order or Invoice
  • Sign-Up as a Partner

Please Get In Touch if you have any questions or want to know more about becoming a member.

ALEC Terms and Conditions of Membership

Please read this carefully. By submitting a membership application through this web site you are agreeing to the terms that appear below :

  2. All participants must register as members. A membership ID number will be provided on registration and payment of the membership fee.
  3. The annual fee for Individual Membership for those registering as available for work or requiring help is £25 payable by bank standing order or online via PayPal.
  4. The annual fee for Organisation or Group Membership is £50 payable by bank standing order or online via Paypal.
  5. The annual fee for Partner Membership is £600 payable by bank transfer on receipt of invoice.
  6. Members can work to canvass where possible for others to register and make payment for Membership.
  7. Members must be a paid up member with a year paid up front membership fees and have actively Canvassed for members, to be entitled to receive any financial help from ALEC.
  8. Financial support/help to members will be on first come and when funds are available.
  9. Members must be over sixteen and complete a membership application form.
  10. Members will receive £75.00 for every 10 people they sign up as paid up members. Team Leaders salary negotiable. Owners, Leaders and committee salary negotiable and all salaries subject to availability of funds at relevant period.
  11. All/Any Canvassers and workers on ALEC's behalf will be on self-employed basis, requiring individual declaration and self-assessment for Tax and National Insurance and personal pensions arrangements.
  12. Members must adhere to Children and Adult safe guarding policies, Data protection policy and Complaint policy & procedure.
  13. All members consent to ALEC holding their information and data as supplied in confidence and not to be supplied to third party without written consent.
  14. ALEC is not liable for any damage that occurs while individual members are not under ALEC's Instructions or Training.
  15. Individuals must be respectful and mindful of other people's feelings, beliefs and values.
  16. Members must have input into ALEC decisions through consultation papers and feedback forms where applicable.
  17. Churches, Religious places of worship, Charities and community groups registering as Organisation/Group paid up members can obtain financial support/help from ALEC.
  18. All support/financial payments must be paid directly to source on behalf of members receiving ALEC's help/support.
  19. Where financial support is given, Members must agree 20% must be paid back to ALEC under negotiated terms agreed up front and signed for under contract with ALEC. This is negotiable and subject to availability.
  20. Any support or financial payments are subject to availability of funds in ALEC's account at the relevant period.
  21. ALEC's financial accounts will be published yearly.
  22. ALEC retains the right for all final decisions on behalf of members.
  23. Individual Memberships can be terminated by either side without notice and without refund of the current year's membership fees.
  24. Two months notice must be given by both sides for membership termination for organisations and partners. No refunds will be given for the current year's membership fees.
  25. Three months notice will be given to all members and all concerns for any closure of the Network and any resource/finance remaining following foldup and all liabilities being met, will be distributed to local churches/charities in the relevant local locations in member's areas.
  26. The business of ALEC is to promote growth and development of local communities, for those who are in need. As individuals, organisations and partners, to receive and give help to others in love.
  27. All assets, documents and items created, owned or managed by ALEC will be and remain vested in ALEC and will not be transferred without consultation with members.
  28. ALEC is entirely funded by membership fees and donations from the public.
  29. ALEC reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions with notice to its members at any time.