About Us

ALEC - The Advice, Lobby and Enterprise Community offers support, advocacy, presence and advice to members, bringing people together and effecting positive change in people's lives.

ALEC is You and I

We generate work locally by helping each other in our communities on a co-operative level investing in each other. We are a membership based Pardner organisation.

ALEC will help you find work, will listen to you and encourage you with your problems, will network with you and on your behalf, will help to improve your finances and standard of living, will share love and faith with you, will say "You are NOT alone", and will be available by email and telephone.

  • Help & Support
  • Community Working
  • Love and Compassion
  • Effecting Change
  • Contributing to Society
  • Founded on Christian Principles

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What We Provide

Members are able to register for availability for work opportunities and for seeking help and support in the following areas :

  • Health and Social Care Services
  • Benefit Services
  • Education Issues
  • Consumer Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Employment Tribunal Issues
  • Other People's Attitude
  • Family Issues
  • Sports Issues
  • Traders Issues
  • Leisure and Entertainment Issues
  • Other Issues

Our Christian Ethos

As an organisation we believe in The One True God who lives eternally in three persons - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ, God's own son, died and rose again and by His Grace, we have salvation and eternal life through Him.

All we do centres around loving God and loving one another as Jesus Christ commanded us.

There are some key scriptures that speak into what we do :

Isaiah 45:22, John 3:17, John 15:4, Luke 10:25-37, 1 Timothy 6:11, 1 Corinthians 9:19-20, Genesis 49:25, Mark 1:17 and Micah 7:14

About ALEC's Founder

The ALEC Network was conceived and founded by Ms Olubukunola Obasa

Buki is a retired social worker and lives in Northamptonshire.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science, a Diploma in Social Work, and various diplomas in Health and Social Care.

She has spent many years as a qualified, registered Social Worker, working in various communities with people from different backgrounds and with different needs. She retired from Social Work in 2010.

As a born-again Christian, she has a heart towards loving, helping and serving others and it is her faith and belief in loving one another that has inspired her to set up the ALEC Network.

Our Trustees

Favour Egbekayi

Favour Egbekayi

My name is Favour Egbekayi, and I live in Sheffield.

I have a degree in Bsc (Hon) health and social care.

I am a qualified health and social care worker and a cleaning operator. I have more than 7 years’ experience in the health and social care industry.

In addition, I once volunteered with the Refugee Council Wales, an organisation that works with many different associations, in the delivery of their services in my community.

Naturally, I am a caring person and enjoy being in a role where I get the opportunity to make a positive difference in people life through both the care and support I provide. That has moved me to join the ALEC Network.

Mr Marcus & Mrs Mihaela Dowman

Mr and Mrs Dowman

We have been together for 5 years.

We have two lovely boys age 3 yrs & 1.9 months.

My husband works as a postman & fireman.

I work as an assistant in a pawnbrokers shop.

We are interested in improving our lives for ourselves and other people and we would like to help with Alecnetwork Community.

Olubukunola Obasa

Olubukunola Obasa

I am Olubukunola Obasa, a retired social worker, with three adult children and four grandchildren. I have a disability, Sickle Cell and Dyslexia.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree and and attained other qualifications prior to my retirement in 2010.

I have always been involved on a voluntary basis offering help to people excluded from main stream help and support. This has been the basis for, and of my market reach which has given me the awareness for ALECNETWORK website idea. I have never charged for the service I offer people in my community but they would have readily paid for my services as I was so accessible and worked at their level and needs where their needs did not need to fit into boxes of criteria and eligibility.

I am available to work with ALECNETWORK members; I have good communication, problem solving and organisational skills; I have experience what it is like to be excluded in the community and I can empathy and listen well; I know the system well and I am able to response to many queries.

I have under taken studies with the Open University, starting with qualification in Diploma in Health and Social Welfare received January 1999, I have completed "Social Care, Social Work and The Law" to complete my open University BSc degree and diploma in Social Work. I have an up to date knowledge of social work values and relevant legislation in caring for people, children and adults. My social work training was structured around adults with learning disabilities and older people, under care management process. My management skill was strengthened by the BTEC Certificate in Management Studies, which I have enjoyed very much and gained a lot of new knowledge. I am passionate about working with all people and I thrive in a working environment where I am able to use my own initiative, leadership and organisational skills which are transferable. I am able to work alone and with others. I have developed greater skills, knowledge and ability in working with different stakeholders, service user, statutory, independent/private and voluntary agencies. This has increased my skills with regards to individual's human, civil/legal right.

I have had a wide range of experience; I have been involved in looking at and identifying different service options for adults.

I have had experience with carrying out individual's care assessment.

I have experience in planning organising and chairing meetings, case reviews, dealing with establishment's aims and objectives, reviewing on a yearly basis. I have dealt with the establishment's environment, i.e. maintaining equipment and fixtures around the home, adhering to health and safety requirements, fire drills, taking precautionary measures, i.e. ensuring that all staff and service users are aware and understand what to do in an emergency.

I have got many years experience working on a voluntary basis within the black communities, I am a member of Wellingborough African Caribbean Association. I have acted as chair for the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia support group, I am a committee member organising activities and social interactions. I was able to raise funds, organise and support members, setting up meetings and liaising with Health and Social Care Workers and other organisations.

I have completed the county council equal opportunities recruitment, interviewing and selection course which has provided me with improved knowledge of the policy, which I support and promote within my community. I am knowledgeable about recruitment and support for the individual and collective staff team. I have set up an improved rota system which allows for family work, e.g. liaison and supporting families in the community. My hands on experiences came from my work with clients in the community, supporting them in their own home/flats. I have knowledge of issues relating to people, e.g. employment, community attitude, housing, empowerment and addiction, poverty etc. This is now an asset when assisting other workers within this role and in line with their self-development.

I have relevant skills, ability and experience to introduce Alecnnetwork and assist others to work and/or receive help and support through this website.